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Julie Black Belt: the Kung Fu Chronicles

Oliver Chin, Illustrated by Charlene Chua

Julie Black Belt: the Kung Fu Chronicles by Oliver Chin and Charlene Chua published by Immedium One day Julie's parents asked her if she wanted to learn something new. Dad said, "We thought you could try a special sport - it's called kung fu." "But I know all that martial arts stuff already," replied Julie. Mom smiled, "Honey, you could become a black belt." "That's right, just like you-know-who," encouraged her father. So Julie imagined she walk like Brandy Wu, the dazzling actress of Julie's favorite action movies. Inspired by her heroine, Julie decided, "Ok, I'll try it, just this once." Her brother Johnny chimed in, "Can I come, too?" His hero was the high-flying superstar Lance Chu. "Mom and Dad asked me first," insisted Julie. "If you're nice to me, then I might teach you later." In he meantime, Julie tried on the new uniform that she'd wear to class. "You'll grow into it," winked Dad. But it looked plain without a belt. "I can't wait to wear a black one," wished Julie. The following week Mom took Julie to her first class. Trophies gleamed in the display case. Shiny medals hung from the wall. Julie marveled, "There's an autographed photo of Brandy Wu!" As Mom signed Julie up for the "Tiny Tigers" class, Johnny gazed at the children inside the training room. While she waited, Julie pictured herself meeting the school's teacher. He would be a sleepy old monk, but be able to lift her with his little finger. THen the master would puzzle her with his bountiful wisdom. But out bounced a young man instead! "Hello Tiny Tigers!" he waved. "My name is Mr. Fong. But during class, you should call me 'Sifu." That means 'teacher' in Chinese."