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Welcome to Monster Isle

Oliver Chin, Illustrated by Jeff Miracola

Welcome to Monster Isle by Oliver Chin and Jeff Miracola published by Immedium. On their vacation, the Summers family took a boat ride. The Captain and his first mate, Tina, welcomed Mom, Dad, Anna Mrie, Finnegan, and their dog Howl. "It's a great day for a tour," smiled Tina. "We'll have a trip you won't forget." However, after a few hours, the perfect weather ahd taken a turn for the worse. On the horizon, the sky grew dark, the weather blustery, and the waves rough. "Let's sail home!" shouted the Captain. But the gathering storm tossed the good ship Lollopop further out to sea. The family held on tightly as the brave crew kept them afloat. But up and down, and round and round, they spun as if in a swirling dream. They awoke blinking at the morning sun. Fortunately, everyone was safe, but the Lollipop was strangely still. Peeking overboard onto powdery sand, Finnegan exclaimed, "We've run aground!" Cautiously, the seven castaways took a look around. There were no people, boats, or buildings. Before them were only a lush tropical hungle and a monstrous mountain looming in the distance. Back at the Lollipop, the Captain groaned, "The ship's hull is wrecked." "Our charts are missing, and our radio is busted," moaned Tina. "Are we lost" stammered Dad. "Marooned?" screamed Anna Marie. "On a deserted island?" asked Mom. "Cool" grinned Finnegan. Suddenly, a mammoth volcano rumbled, Krack-a-Boa! Smoke and sounds filled the air, YOWZA! WHISS! RAR! FIZZ! OOGA! AWK! GOO! As the calls echoed around thehuddled survivors, Howl whimpered nervously, "If we split up, we might find help faster," Mom proposed. "Afterwards, we'll meet to share what we've found." "Lovey," Dad sighed, "We're so lucky to hav a professor in the family," He kissed her and they split into two teams. The Captain, Mom, Finnegan, and Howl were Team #1. With some supplies, they headed left, where a trail huggesd the coast From the tall grass, a pair of glowing eyes watched them carefully.