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Timmy and Tammy's Train of Thought

Oliver Chin, Illustrated by Heath McPerson

Timmy and Tammy's Train of Thought by Oliver Chin and Heath McPerson published by Immedium. Timmy and his sister Tammy loved trains. Playing on the living room floor, the two pushed their trains along the tracks. "Choo, Choo!" they whistled. Timmy adored Wayne the Train. Tammy fancied Jane. They both liked Kate and Nate the freight cars, Hank and Frank the tank cars, Bruce the Caboose, and others too. Often Tammy and Timmy would watch the adventres of Wayne, Jane, and their many friends. The colorful trains came in all shapes and sized and had different jobs to do. At night, Mom and Dad would read them their favorite bedtime stories. Timmy and Tammy liked hearing the funny sounds the trains made. Then on day, Mom said, "I think Timmy and Tammy would enjoy riding on a real train." Dad replied, "That's a great idea. Let's plan a trip!" So they told their children, who became very excited. On the night before their special train ride, Timmy dreamt: "I want to be the engineer!" Meanwhile, Tammy imagined: "I want to be the conductor!" The following day, the family arrived early at the train station. Mom and Dad bought the tickets, and Tammy and Timmy eagerly waited in line. Barreling through a billow of smoke, here came the train! Timmy and Tammy carefully chose their seats, and Mom and Dad sat down behind them. The conductor punched their tickets and made sure everyone was safely seated. Next the engineer shouted, "All-aboard!" Then they were off!