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A B Sea Book

Bunnies by the Bay

As told by Elsie Attaberry A is for Anchor, That belongs on a boat. You lower it down, So away it won’t float. B is for Barnacles, Who are hard and crusty. They live on things That are old and rusty. C is for Clownfish, Who has funny clothes. He likes to wear A big red nose. D is for Dogfish, A real frisky mutt. He likes to bark And chase halibut. E is for Eel, Who swims in the tide. He has his very own Slip and Slide. F is for Flounder, Who’s friendly and flat. He doesn’t mind being Your front doormat. G is for Guppy, A fish’s best friend. He always plays nice And never offends. H is for Hermit Crab, Who lives alone in his shell. He never answers When we ring his doorbell. I is for Iceberg, A place that floats, Where even polar bears Wear hats and coats. J is for Jellyfish, Who’s slimy and round. She doesn’t taste good With peanut butter, we found. K is for King Crab, Who has no crab queen. That must be why He’s crabby and mean. L is for Lobster, Who has claws and a tail. Watch out if he pinches ‘Cuz you’ll really wail! M is for Mussels, Who are strong and brave. They cling to rocks With each crashing wave. N is for Needle Fish, Who’s skinny and lean. She can stitch even faster Than a sewing machine. O is for Octopus, Who asks for a hug. His tentacles feel funny And make you say, “UGH!” P is for Puffer Fish, Who huffs and puffs. He makes us think He’s rough and tough. Q is for Queen Conch, Who has a shell crown. She wears it proudly Even in her nightgown. R is for Razor Clam, Who works as a barber. He gives close shaves Down by the harbor. S is for Shrimp, Who’s a tough little guy. He scowls at anyone Who calls him “small fry”. T is for Tide, Who’s always on the go. First he’s high And then he’s low. U is for Urchin, Who isn’t babysat. Everyone agrees He’s a real spoiled brat. V is for Vampire Fish, Who doesn’t “vant” your blood. He just “vants” to know If you’ll be his best bud. W is for Whale, Who loves to smile. When he shows his grin, It’s as wide as a mile. X is for X-Ray Fish, Who has perfect vision, But has a hard time Making decisions. Y is for Yellow Fin Tuna, Who is very fickle. He doesn’t like mayo And says, “Hold the pickle.” Z is for Zebra Fish, A referee who can’t see. When he blows his whistle We all disagree. © 2011 Bunnies By The Bay® Anacortes, Washington ISBN: 0-9785179-7-0