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Aggie Gets Lost

Lori Ries and Frank W. Dormer

Left foot, right foot, two feet, four feet. We walk to the park. Aggie pulls hard. She wants to play fetch. At the park, I unclip Aggie’s leash. I toss the ball. “Get it, Aggie! Get the ball!” I say. Aggie is a good dog. She brings it back. This time I drop it behind me. Aggie is a smart dog. She finds the ball again. “Good girl,” I say. “Okay, Aggie. Here is a hard ball,” I say. I wind my arm fast. I throw the ball. It flies up, up, up, and far, far away. I cannot see my red ball. “Arf! Ruff! Ruff!” Aggie runs and runs. Now I cannot see my dog.