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Do you love Hallmark's Recordable Storybooks but wish they were way less expensive, had a much better selection of books, and never ran out of batteries? :)

See it in action, watch the video.


We offer subscriptions to our site. Unlimited recording of hundreds of books, and even once the subscription is over, you can keep all your recorded books forever.

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You can also record books as gifts a la carte. Imagine a young child's delight when they can watch grandma or grandpa reading to them on Christmas morning from far away. And then keep watching the book over and over again as often as they like for as long as they like.

Grandma and Grandpa would also love nothing better than to watch their grandchildren read books to them.

And of course, if the grandparents are visiting for the holidays, what bette way to pass the time than by letting grandma and grandpa and the kids record some books together. Even once the grandparents head home, the stories will be there to keep the grandchildren company.

Here are some books to choose from including a fine selection of holiday and grandparent themed books.

The vast majority of the over 200 books on our site are priced at $6.99. With some priced at $1.99. Click on these titles to preview them as potential gifts.


Don't see one you like? Choose another book from the hundreds of selections in our library.

Happy Holidays from your friends at A Story Before Bed