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With difficult budget situations across all 50 states, school teachers are finding it more and more difficult to do their jobs every day. A Story Before Bed is giving away 100,000 free recordings to teachers for use in their classrooms. Help us spread the word.

92,300 stories to go.


The team behind A Story Before Bed is dedicated to making a love of reading and great books core in children's lives. We know that teachers across the country share this vision and need all the help they can get to make that dream come true. A Story Before Bed is already being used in classrooms everywhere to help children with core and advanced literacy skills. Giving away 100,000 free recordings to teachers is one way we can help teachers do their jobs in these difficult economic times.


K-5 teachers who have computer or iPad2 access for their students and would like to use A Story Before Bed in their classroom are eligible to sign up for this offer.


Qualified teachers will receive a free 2 month subscription to A Story Before Bed. The subscription gives teachers the ability to make an unlimited number of recordings from a list of 50 pre-selected books from our catalog. (You can see which books are included here.) Teachers retain access to the recordings they made even after the subscription has expired.


Please fill out the form below to apply. You will receive an e-mail confirming your signing up for our service. Click on the link in the confirmation e-mail and you'll be able to start making free recordings immediately from our list of 50 pre-selected books. That's all there is to it.

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Quotes from teachers using A Story Before Bed in their classrooms:
"I’m a first grade teacher. We are in a first and second grade building and many of my students don’t have the capability of having adults read to them at home because they speak a second language. The staff at my school was more than willing to help. Even the superintendent and the assistant superintendent decided they wanted to read books too. I’m able to use the smartboard in my classroom to project books so students can listen and watch the books on a larger scale within the room. I can do it in a large group or a small group dependent on my needs. We can stop the book, and talk about it using the pause feature. I use A Story Before Bed on my Mac and on my iPad. "
"Just wanted to let you know that we've had teacher workshops all week and have been referencing your site to all our participants. They loved it! Best of all, I showed it on my Ipad2! Thanks for all the updates and the service"